Benefits of Using Drone Photography to Create a Property Record

Drone photography has completely altered the way we take pictures and make movies in recent years. Drones are being used in more and more fields, including the real estate industry, to do everything from capture breathtaking aerial landscapes to launch cutting-edge advertising campaigns. Drones offer numerous benefits over conventional photography that are essential when documenting […]

Why I Took It: Part 1

I want to talk about the things I notice when I take photos. How I see the landscape in front of me, and why I am drawn to a particular view. For instance, this image of Mount Hood and why I’ve composed it this way. I’ve read a bunch about composition and obviously generally agree […]

On Philosophy of Photography

I have an odd philosophy about the relationship between myself and my subject matter. I spend a lot of time in nature taking pictures- of wide landscapes, massive waterfalls, intimate moments- and everything in between. It’s pretty humbling, because unlike with portraits or tv/film sets, the only thing I control is when I’m there. I […]

On AI “Art”

AI has been difficult to avoid talking about, especially as an artist. While I don’t think the technology inherently is flawed- certain aspects of it are already an irreplaceable component of how we live, I think it’s critical to discuss the ethics of using it for generative art, and what it means for copyright and […]