A smoky morning in Yosemite Valley

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Phlog #9: Smith Rock Climber

Revisiting some of my favorite older photos while filling in the back catalog of my blog here gives me such a peculiar feeling. I want to delve into the specifics of why I took the shots, but I struggle to

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Phlog #8: Snow Zone

I love many aspects of this photo. The mysterious way the trees disappear into the fog and the almost unnatural way the frost clings to the branches captivate me. I’ve been eager to witness similar conditions again, as I now

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Phlog #7: MOMA Visitors

I’ve always had a fascination with silhouettes—specifically, near-silhouettes where there’s just enough shadow detail to see, but not enough to immediately notice.

One evening, while wasting time around San Francisco before dinner, I wandered through the Museum of Modern Art

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Phlog #6: Tacoma Museum of Glass

This is one of those photos I still like, even though it’s clear I wasn’t making deliberate choices when I took it. It’s funny how, as you grow as an artist, your older work evokes different feelings.

I shot it

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